Game Review : Battlefield Hardline

Game Review : Battlefield Hardline

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Battlefield Hardline is a first-individual shooter computer game created by Visceral Games and distributed by Electronic Arts. It was delivered in March 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In contrast to the past games in the Battlefield arrangement, Hardline spotlights on wrongdoing, heist and policing components rather than military fighting.

Upon discharge, the game got a blended basic gathering, with pundits commending the game’s multiplayer mode, availability and voice acting, while at the same time condemning the game’s plot, covertness and account. It is the last Battlefield game to be delivered for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 stages. It was additionally the last game to be created by Visceral Games before the organization shut down in 2017.

System Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3/i5 2.4GHz or Athlon II/Phenom II 2.8 GHz or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB, AMD Radeon R7 360 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  • Storage: 29 GB available space



The focal point of the game is the “battle on wrongdoing”, splitting away from the military setting that portrayed the arrangement. All things considered, the fundamental groups in Hardline are the police Special Response Units and lawbreakers. Players approach different military-grade weapons and vehicles, like the Lento Bearcat, just as having police gear like tasers and binds.

Hardline likewise utilizes the “Advancement” repairman from Battlefield 4. For instance, in the guide “Downtown” players can send a development crane colliding with the structure, tearing down flotsam and jetsam from the focal structures in midtown, which tumbles down in the city of Los Angeles. This time, each guide includes different Revolution occasions, both little and huge.

Numerous new game modes are highlighted in Hardline, including “Heist”, “Salvage”, “Hotwire”, “Blood Money”, and “Crosshair” Mode.

Heist: The hoodlums should break into a money filled vault (or as included in certain guides, blow open the entryways of a reinforced truck) at that point move the money filled bundles to an extraction point; the police should stop them. On the off chance that the Criminals figure out how to escape by carrying all the cash to the extraction point, they win.

Blood Money: Both groups should recover cash from an open box in the focal point of the guide, at that point move it back to their individual side’s defensively covered truck. Players can likewise take cash from the rival group’s truck. The group that first stores $5 million worth of cash into their truck or the group with the most cash under a period limit wins.

Hotwire: Drivable vehicles play the job of customary Conquest “banners”. Like Conquest, catching vehicles (done by driving over a certain “cruising” speed) will drain the adversary group’s support tickets. The group who decreases the other’s to nothing or who has the most tickets staying after as far as possible successes.

Salvage: In a 3 moment long 5 versus 5 serious mode, S.W.A.T. officials should attempt to save prisoners held by criminal powers. The cops win by either protecting the hostage(s) or by murdering all the lawbreakers. Lawbreakers win by slaughtering all the cops, or guarding the prisoners until the arrangements are finished. Every player has just a single life in this mode, which implies no respawns.

Crosshair: The second serious game mode in Battlefield Hardline. Crosshair is likewise 3 minutes in length, 5 versus 5 with just a single life. In Crosshair the hoodlums are attempting to slaughter a player controlled VIP on the cops side who is a previous gangster turned states observer. The lawbreakers win by murdering the VIP and the cops win by getting the VIP to the extraction point.

Instinctive Games confirmed that the single-player mission won’t be straight and vowed to convey a preferable one over the archetypes. The mission highlights long winded wrongdoing shows where decisions will change situational results and ongoing interaction encounters. As a cop, players can utilize various police devices and individual hardware. The police identification can be utilized in requesting crooks to set out their weapons, the scanner is utilized to stake out a circumstance, recognize high-esteem targets, log confirmations, label cautions, and imprint different dangers. To slip past unnoticed, players can utilize slug cases to occupy adversaries.


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